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short-term TRIPs


Morgantown, WV (Chestnut Mountain Ranch)

July 28-30
Cost: $160 (2 Night Stay) + $50 (Per person)
Deposit: $50
Cost After Deposit: $130 (2 Night Stay) + $40 (Per person)

Chestnut Mountain Ranch provides a Christ-centered school and home for boys in crisis and in need of hope and healing. Partnering with their families, they pursue family restoration and reunification. Just recently two faithful River Ridge attenders, Greg and Jennifer Clutter moved to Morgantown to head up the Foster Care Initiative at Chestnut Mountain Ranch.

The focus of this trip will be light construction projects designed for the whole family. Our hope is to create a serving opportunity that is accessible for families in location, duration, cost, and skill level. The work we do will help the ranch to expand and enhance the programs they offer to the boys and families.

The cost of the trip will cover a two night stay at a local hotel with a pool and continental breakfast. Lunch and dinner will be provided on-site at Chestnut Mountain Ranch. The hotel suite can hold up to six people. The ideal age for this trip is 2nd grade and older. Age appropriate projects will be created for families to work together on. In addition there will be as activities for kids to participate in while being overseen by childcare staff so that parents can focus on more difficult projects for longer amounts of time.

June 5, 2022

Morgantown application

Cologne, Germany (Great Commission Europe)

June 25-July 2
Cost: $2,600
Deposit: $200

Great Commission Europe (GCE) is about planting churches, making disciples, and reaching the nations through Europe. We begun our partnership with GCE 2019 after some of our leadership team had the opportunity to travel the refugee highway beginning in Greece and ending in Amsterdam. We will be partnering with Mateo and his team in Cologne, Germany to reach Muslim refugees.

The trips focus will be centered around creating gospel conversations and setting up follow up meetings with refugees on the streets of Cologne. This will be accomplished through offering coffee, playing games in the local park, or simply walking throughout the city. The work done by the team will then enable Mateo and his team to follow up those conversations with intentional times of discipleship and the eventual goal of planting a church. This trip offers a unique opportunity to interact with people who possibly come from nations that are hostile to the Christians and have never heard the Gospel.
Sign-up Deadline: January 31, 2022

Medellin, Colombia (Global Transformation Ministries)

June 18-25
Cost: $1,700
Deposit: $200

GTM’s core focus is church planting through the leaders of unreached communities to impact the rest of the community at large. In 2019, GTM launched a new ministry called Esther’s Home, to meet the community’s need of helping homeless pregnant teens find safe housing. Esther’s Home provides housing for 15 mothers and their babies, on-site trade skills training and Christian therapy. Upon completion of the program at Esther’s Home, the girls will have found housing, a place of employment, and the confidence to raise their babies and break the cycle of poverty.

This trip will have a two part focus. One part focusing on Esther’s Home through teaching the girls practical job training skills or life skills, as well as light construction projects. The other focus will be on church planting as GTM is set to launch a new church plant in January 2022. The focus on church planting will be done by prayer walking neighborhoods and creating outreach opportunities within the local neighborhoods.
Sign-up Deadline: January 31, 2022

If you'd like to make a donation to partner with someone going on a mission trip, use the link below to set up a one-time or recurring gift. Make sure to add the participant's name to the memo line!

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River Ridge Church works with individuals and organizations locally and in different parts of the world who are pursuing a vision to bring God's love and care to the nations of the world. We are proud to call them Global Partners.

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