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We gather together each weekend to worship, learn about God, hear his Word, and apply it to our daily lives. Each gathering includes the same experience of live music and a practical message.

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We have almost as many groups as we have types of people.  We have men’s groups, women’s groups, couples groups, mixed groups, and recovery groups.  We have groups that meet in homes, groups that meet in restaurants, groups that meet at the church building.  We have groups that meet just about every day of the week. 

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God has uniquely gifted each of us to serve in some capacity. Some have a passion and gift for music, others for working with children, others for hospitality. There are dozens of serving teams and opportunities. To find out more about serving opportunities, click the button below.

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Married People

An evening of laughter, conversation, and learning about having a healthier marriage. Offered in the spring and fall at both campuses. Check the events page for upcoming Married People events. Join the Married People Monthly Newsletter by clicking here!