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Dollar Club

Once a month, everyone at River Ridge Church gives just $1 extra to see the amazing things that can happen through your generosity.To join the Dollar Club, simply click here (make sure to select Dollar Club from the fund drop-down menu.) You can easily set up a recurring gift for the dollar club as well.

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Watch the Dollar Club stories below:

In our May 2021 edition of the Dollar Club, we sit down with Nikki Walters, a participate in the Rea of Hope recovery program. Rae of Hope helps women in West Virginia suffering from alcohol and/or drug addiction. They seek to teach the life skills and self-sufficiency required to reach sustained recovery, while providing safe, affordable housing.

In our April 2021 edition of the Dollar Club, we sit down with Jennifer and Yasmine. We first met Jennifer through our Big Kick Soccer Camp and learned that she was a foster parent.

Our March 2021 edition of the Dollar Club features Greg Wagoner, a local pastor at Fellowship Baptist Church in Barboursville.

Recently, their entire church was flooded with 28 inches of water. Let's sit down with Greg to learn a little bit more about what all has been going on this past month and see if there is a way that the Dollar Club can help.

Our February 2021 edition of the Dollar Club features Becky and the Service Station, a place to help people with disabilities can serve the community.

Check out how the Dollar Club was able to be a blessing and show the love of Jesus to Becky and her efforts at the Service Station. Thanks for being part of making change in the lives of others!

Our January 2021 edition of the Dollar Club features Chelsie and Ethel. Chelsie is a social worker with The Children's Home Society and is involved with a project called Healthy Grandfamilies, that helps families like Ethel and her two granddaughters — one who has autism and one ADHD.

Lets learn more about Ethel's story and see how the Dollar Club can bless her.

The December 2020 edition of the Dollar Club is going to look a little bit different. Instead of just having one recipient of the Dollar Club, we are going to be able to bless a number of individuals across Charleston and Teays Valley. Thanks to everyone who helped make the Dollar Club a success in 2020!

November is national adoption month so today we are going to sit down with Mike and Lori Deveraux, a couple who have opened their hearts and home to children in need of a family. They know well the hurdles and triumphs of adoption as they have adopted 7 children and are in the process of adopting their 8th. Let's hear more about their story and see if there is a way that the Dollar Club can be a blessing to their family.

Connie is a professional caterer in the Charleston area. When the pandemic hit, she saw the need for people to be fed — and felt that God had equipped her with the gifts and talents to meet that need. So without any clarity on long-term goals, she began taking meals to people in need on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Deborah Davis is starting a non-profit called BugHug to help support families in the hospitals through hand-delivering activity baskets to kids as well as providing nights away for parents by partnering with local hotels and restaurants.